Sunday, 11 January 2009

Interviewing my friend project. Year 6.

During the first term, Year 6 students haven been asking and answering.
Now we have joined all the lessons in one final project: Interviewing my friend. In pairs, all students have prepared fifteen questions to ask their friends. All of them have played both roles: the interviewer and the interviewee.
In each interview students start asking the name, age, place of birth, and favourite colour. Then they all have invented ten more questions using the verbs to be, have got, can, and do.

Good work, children! Excellent!
Listen to the following examples:

First, Tania starts asking and Claudia answers.

Then, Claudia asks and Tania answers.

Listen to Ibra and Brandon.

Now, listen to Javi and Alvaro.

All of us can ask and answer. We are so happy that we all can do it!

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S Vera said...

Very good work!
Thank you for sharing!