Saturday, 21 February 2009

International Mother Language Day

Today is the International Mother Language Day. And we like learning languages! We are going to be lifelong language learners! So let's celebrate it!
I know you like the videos of the countries of the world so here you have got the same song with the languages of each country. There are a lot of languages in the world!
Watch it. It's fun... but do you think it is correct? Pay attention to Spain...

Is it correct? No, it isn't
Is Spanish the only language in Spain? No, it isn't!
How many languages are there in Spain? many languages are there in Europe? Do you know? Look at this map and you will know it!
Wow... there are lots of languages. How many languages can you speak? Let's learn at least two foreign languages!

And learn how to be linguistically sustainable here. We'll comment on this document in class.


Brian Barker said...

There's another language spoken in Spain called Esperanto. But it's spoken all over the World as well.

Some children grow up using from birth as well.

You can see this at and

Eleanor said...

Ha ha, veryy funny video x