Sunday, 31 May 2009

World Envoriment Day!

On 5th of June it's World Enviroment Day.
How can you control climate change?The European Comission highlights these key verbs to save our planet:turn down, switch off, recycle and walk. We can all help! Let's be changers!

How much do you know about climate change? Answer this quiz:

And, PLAY!Earth puzzle:

Sing: Earth rocks!
It gives us the food we eat, the air we breath... Let's show the Earth how much we care.

And don't forget this key rule: each one of us can help. Watch this video: Everyone can save the planet.

But what is the global warming? Listen to this explanation. It's a little difficult but very funny!

And Toni in Year 6 has shown me this video. He likes Hannah Montana and he thought I would love the video. And it's true! It's great!
Remember Michael Mussso's message: reduce, reuse, recycle.

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