Monday, 22 June 2009

You have a message!

Dear children,

Another school year has finished. You've been working hard on your blogs and your Portfolios, so it's time for you to have a rest.
I know you like learning languages and especially English. So, this summer keep practising English and don't forget our key rule: sing in English!
And a special hug for children in Year 6 who are going to change school. Good luck at secondary school.
Happy summer to everyone and see you soon! Bye!


concha said...

The same for you.

carlos said...

hola soy carlos gemma fact I can look at a blog called there are not many things that I did today

Gemma said...

Carlos, you have got a nice new blog!

Claudia B said...

Gemma...please look this...

Gemma said...

The video is great! It has got a message that we like. We have to take care of Planet Earth because it's our home
We'll sing the song in class next year.Thank you, Claudia.

englishteacher said...

nice message!!

balearweb said...