Sunday 30 November 2008

Christmas games

Let's start celebrating Christmas playing all these games!

Spot the seven differences

Match the presents

A snow globe

Write your letter to Santa


Are there any computers in our school?

This term, students in Year 6 have been learning to ask and answer.
We have just studied There is and There are.

First, we check what we already know.
Listen to Karen, David, Eva and Arturo.

Then, we ask and answer.
Listen to the boys, both called Toni.

Sunday 23 November 2008

I like fish. It is good for me!

Look at all these videos. Children in Year 2 can speak English too.
They talk about food.
I like orange juice. It is good for me.
I don't like chocolate. It isn't good for me.

Watch the videos. They are great!
Year 2A
Listen to Mar:

Listen to Aina:

Listen to Vicent:


Listen to Nerea:

Listen to Jennifer and Sol:

Listen to Angel Luis:

What's the weather like today?

In Year 4 we are studying the weather.

Listen to Andrea and Luis.

Listen to Alvaro, Carlos and Wilson. They talk about the weather in the North and the South of the world.

Listen to the weather forecast for all the world.
Listen to Tatiana, Adrián, Chaimae, Christian, Javier, Luis, Emiliano, Ismael, and Julián.

Have you got any jelly?

Listen to Tania and José David, Year 6 A.

Jean Paul's blogfolio

Wow! Look at Jean Paul's blogfolio. He has been working hard!
He has written lots of things on his blogfolio! And he has done it at home!
Excellent, Jean Paul!


Thursday 20 November 2008


Today is the International Children's Day. It's on 20th November.

Declaration of the Rights of the Child. UNITED NATIONS (1959).



Look at these photos of children in Sudan. They can go to school too! They are happy!

Can all children in India go to school? Why?
What does it mean? We'll talk about it in class.

Sunday 16 November 2008

Let's play and sing!

First, let's make a calendar!
Check the dates again. Make a calendar! It's great!

And then, sing!
The days of the week:

The months of the year:

The seasons:

Do you know any other word for "fall"?

Sunday 9 November 2008

Do you know her?

What is your favourite subject?

A monster!

Listen to the monster.

Write what he says.
Has he got a big or a small eye?
Write another sentence with "big"

Tuesday 4 November 2008


Today we are going to check the animal project we did in year 3.
Use these animals: lion, giraffe, bison, dolphin, kangaroo, lizard, lynx and Panda bear.

Monday 3 November 2008

Cinderella's story

Read the summary of Cinderella's story.
You can listen to it too.

Cinderella had two sisters. They were very ugly and bad. Cinderella was very unhappy.
One day there was a party at the Prince's house but Cinderella couldn't go. Fortunately, Cinderlla's Fairy Godmother helped her. She gave her a new dress and glass shoes.
The party was very good. The Prince and Cinderella danced. They were very happy.
Suddenly, the clock rang. It was twelve o'clock and Cinderlla ran home and she lost a shoe.
The Prince was very sad. He was in love with Cinderella. Finally, he found Cinderella.
He said: "I love you. Do you love me?". Cinderella said "Yes!"
They lived happily ever after.

Read a longer summary on Alicia's blogfolio

Karollyn's powerpoint presentation

Look at Karollyn's powerpoint. Read about what we can say.
Excellent Karollyn! Well done!

English Project
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

Read the summary of Cinderella's story.
And listen to the story too.

Read a longer summaryo on Alicia's blogfolio

Saturday 1 November 2008


Today is 1st November.
Here in Eivissa we celebrate ALL SAINTS DAY.

Read about our traditions.

You can read the book here too.

1st November ALL SAINTS DAY by Gemma