Monday 17 May 2010

Lots of fairy tales!

Read and listen to a traditional fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood!

You like listening to stories, don't you? I know some people who have been recording lots of stories too. Then listen to your future teachers telling more fairy tales! Wow!

Sleeping Beauty
Peter Pan
The Ugly Duckling
The Little Mermaid
Sinbad, the Sailor
Beauty and the Beast

And another version of Little Red Riding Hood

And more coming soon!

Friday 7 May 2010

Europe Day

On We like English blog we have always fostered plurilingualism and pluricultarilism. So we specially love this year's poster for the celebration of Europe Day.

My favourite mix: people, places, cultures

And in our mix, we also have languages... because we like learning lots of them . Do you remember? At leats two foreign langauges! How many are you learning?

But we should remind our leaders to improve a fairer world for all too.
What does Europe do for the world? Read this story of Mathias and Amadou and learn about Europe and Africa's co-operation.
And teachers can find the teacher's guide here too.