Sunday 24 January 2010

Is peace your dream too?

Every 30th January we celebrate the School Day of Non-violence and Peace.

Why? Because we commemorate the day when Mahatma Ghandi was killed. He believed in non-violence to fight for human rights.

And in USA they observe another day in January as a date for peace, 15th January, because Martin Luther King was born that day in 1929

But, what do they have in common?
They stood up against things that were unfair... but peacefully! They had a dream and they fought for it with non-violence and peace.

Now, listen and learn on Martin Luther King Jr.:

Martin Luther King had a dream, a dream of peace.Is peace your dream too?

Sunday 10 January 2010


Happy winter!

I'm happy to go back to school, and you? It's fun to play computer games to learn English when it's so cold outside! So, let's start once again!

First of all, watch this short story: Spot's winter sports. And pay attention to vocabulary on winter!

Then, you can make a snowman:

Now try to find some winter vocabulary in this wordsearch:

And, of course, you can colour online too: