Friday 22 April 2011

Earth Day 2011

Listen to these Athletes for th Earth... don't panic and try to grasp the general meaning.

Then, try to answer to these questions:

- Where are they from?
- What sports do they play?
- What do they do for the Earth?

Now, ask yourself what you do in your daily life for the Earth...

Do you recycle?
Do you walk to school?
Do you turn off the lights?
Do your encourage your family and friends to respect planet Earth?


Anonymous said...

Hi Gemma - what a very good video "Earth Day 2011". Exellent idea you had, to make us reflect about the way we treat our Planet and the suggestions you made about what we can do to change to positive habits. Really liked this post. Thank you for it and wish you a very Happy Easter Day (whit sweets, joy and harmony) Hugs, luisa Miguel

Gemma Tur Ferrer said...

Thank you so much, Luisa! And hope you've had a great Easter Day too!Keep in touch!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gemma! Hope you have make a secure journey back to home. It was such a big pleasure and good surprise to met at PLE 2011. I found that first experience so fanfastic. All was new to me but everthing exciting and beautifull. I almost hadn´t time to take photos as was so fascinated with everthing but still I could manage to take a little few and will put on flirck very soon. I loved the dance night and will never forghet this experience! Thank again for all your support, during the time in Twitter and hope to see you again on live soon. Are you coming to Portugal in Summer? If you're coming tell me I'll be delight to show you some nice places I'll stay near some beaches (Setúbal beaches) during August mounth. I'll return to studys in september and in that time: I'll return as well to Twitter! because I enjoyed a lot to met some people of that communitie on live and of course: I'll be following you again with much pleasure and hoping to learn a lot again with you.
Stay well Gemma and hope to hear from you soon,
A big hug,